Singin’ in the Rain

Show number two of my life here: Singin’ in the rain.

Everyone has seen the movie – or will in some point in life. Singin’ in the rain is a story about how stars and people adapted to the glorious silent movies to the ‘talkies’ – or movies where you could hear sound.

Suddenly all those stars had to adapt their performances and singing. It is a fun loving musical with brilliant tunes (the famous Singin’ in the rain’ and ,Good morning to you!’)

It was a brilliant night – word of advice though, if you are in the front rows you will end up wet, but the cast is so enthusiastic that you will want to jump of your seat and dance and splash in the rain with them!!!

Unfortunately the show is now closed and it is not possible to see it any more, but if it ever opens back again, I really recommend you to go. It is funny, it is a classic. It will make you smile the whole night. I loved it.

Good luck in seeing it in the future!

Claudia x