Once is actually a story that I really like.

I saw it first as a film a few years ago. It is a story of this irish song writer/ singer who is about to give it all up until he meets this foreign girl over a vacuum cleaner. Yes, you read it right.

It was a low budget movie produced in Dublin and it is as tacky as it sounds and it is adorable.

And about 2 years ago they made it into a musical – which was interesting because even though the movie is all about music and releasing an album and all that. They even had Ronan Keating playing. Bless him he really can’t act but he is a very good looking singer ahah!

The show is no longer in London (it was at the Phoenix Theatre) as it has gone home to Dublin and is now showing there. So if you are from Ireland, please go see. It’s is a heart warming story with loads of fun pun lines and irish music – they literally turn the stage into a bar before the act and during break!!!!



Jersey Boys

It is supposed to be a cultural blog. What is the thing you absolutely have to do when you come to London? Yes, yes, see all the tourist attrions, I know. But also, if you do have the time, pop in to the many London theatres and watch a musical. I have seen three during my four years – oh lord – in the capital. Not that many I know, but with all the work and all the excuses and everything, it’s not all pretty pictures and shows. Life happens. However, I know that I will be back for more, because I love them – yup, I am a sucker for those catchy songs and crazy dances and stories.

One of the first ones I have ever seen was Jersey Boys. I will be honest, I barely knew what they were and only had an idea of what the show was about.

True enough when someone asked it was always a familiar thing. Frankie Valli does ring a bell. In my house it was a name that often came up. But to be honest, I am bad with names. Who sings what, who climbed which mountain, who was famous for that… But I did!!! I knew almost every song sang in that show!! Do you know how amazing that feels?

In fairness, most of it I didn’t know it was theirs – slap slap – but I did recognize it. And what a great atmosphere. Everywhere I looked smiles were fixed on peoples faces like it took them to happy places and memories only they know.

That made me happy and if going to a musical does that every time, boy do I want to be there!


For those of you who don’t know, Jersey Boys is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and their path to success and through all kinds of set backs they had to overcome.

The show has won 57 awards including the Olivier Award of Best New Show.

It will be on until February 2016 at the Picadilly Theatre in London and you can find all information on their website – www.jerseyboyslondon.com

Get ready for a fun night out, prepare your shower diva voice and go, go, go!

Claudia x