The Marble Collector ~ Reading

For some time I had been unimpressed by the books I picked up. Or maybe it wasn’t the books fault, it was me. I just wasn’t up for reading. Which is strange with me, but I will give the books a chance.

The other day while I was window shopping I picked up Cecilia Ahern’s “The Marble Collector”.

As with me lately, it took me about two chapters to get into the book. And then I was swallowed. I couldn’t put it down. I’d have my lunch at work in the office to read. I would read it in trains so full that I am sure I might have sneezed in it (oops!).

It took me two days and a half to get through it. I swear I would have finished on the first night if I had no work to go to or things to do.

The Marble Collector is a brilliantly told story. You will have the Fergus perspective and Sabrina’s. Maybe I related to Sabrina. Maybe I reading it this week had the same effect that finding the marbles had on Sabrina’s life. It’s the far too common feeling that you are comfortable in your life – maybe with the added extra work in your days, even though Sabrina does have kids and I don’t so in fact, she is in the lead with work – when everything is going well, or at least moving forward but inside there is something. Either it is a lack of drama, of too much routine that is slowly making you want something to happen. I was reading the other day about couples and how some people have crappy days and the partner doesn’t realize and the first person is hoping for them to do something wrong so it is justifiable for the first person to explode at them.

Anyway, this is a beautiful representation of how life goes on and moves forward and you are still you but could you be more? The fight within you is still there, but is there really something wrong?

Thank you, Cecilia, beautiful book. Loved reading about life in Ireland in the generation prior to mine – my partner is Irish, so I always find it funny when a story is placed there ah! – thank you for Fergus’s layers and Sabrina’s inner battles. Your book was my marble on a specifically difficult January.

If you have a chance, please read it; it is a fast pacing easy readable book that it will make you stay awake just for one more chapter and then another. Memories are a precious things and sometimes it is the little things that reminds us of another time.

Have fun reading! And me, I’m picking up the 100 year old man again!untitled

Claudia x



2016; what is wrong with you?

Seriously, two monumental people in the space of a week? Seriously?

Dear Alan Rickman,

Did you know that Robin Hood, where you played the sheriff of Sherwood, was the first VHS that I ever recorded from my television?

I saw Bruce Willis kill you. I saw Johnny Depp put a knife to your throat. I’ve seen you laugh in Sense and Sensibility. I have seen you love, cheat and regret in Love Actually. I have seen you love so much in Harry Potter. And yes I am that generation but that is probably the role I know you most from. Because strangely, I feel like I know you. Even if I haven’t met you. Now you will never be 80 and you will never be in your rocking chair reading Harry Potter. And somehow, that hurts.

Sorry to see you go Alan and be sure one of the wands pointing the night sky yesterday was mine.


Claudia x



I am sorry, but don’t you know just by looking at this picture what series this is from?

That’s right. Friends. The most recognizable living room in tv history.

Comedy Central UK will be bringing a piece of New York to the West End with FriendsFest.

The lucky ones who got tickets – before they were sold out (I know, right?)- will be able to walk through the famous sets like a full scale Monica’s apartment. There will be original props and memorabilia that you will be able to see everything of this awesome show and even get a cup of coffee in Central Perk.

Have fun and good luck with tickets!

For more info check out the website.

Claudia x

Dismaland Bemusement Park

Gloomy staff members, Disney nightmare, sad rides.

All this and much more on the new park on the block. Dismaland is a mock theme park in England that brings to its visitors attention things that have been going wrong with the world.

Dismaland is a satirical  take on theme parks and it conveys art from about 60 artists like Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Jimmy Cauty, Bill Barminski, Caitlin Cherry, Polly Morgan, Josh Keyes, Mike Ross, David Shrigley, Bäst, and Espo.

As everything organized by Banksy, this project came to us a  surprise. There was no media involved in its construction (only some curious eyes). This is not only a depressing theme park. This is also a statement of today’s state of mind. There is a pool filled with boats, representing the emigrants trying to reach the UK. There is an orca jumping to a plastic pool, the entrance fake security is a joke….

It is a massive art gallery that doesn’t make you think of speed and fun and fluffy places. It’s supposed to make you think.

If you’re in the UK, please come and have a look, it might be once in a lifetime chance of seeing not only Banksy’s work, but all the artists that have joined forces to create Dismaland.

Dismaland will be open for 5 weeks and its located inside the walls of a derelict seaside swimming resort in Weston-super-Mare, UK.

For more details and tickets go here.

102938162-Banksy_11.530x298 dismaland

Claudia x

Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

Last week, me and my boyfriend packed a lunch, tourist-like, and made our way to a little museum on the outskirts of London.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is situated just up the road from Forest Hill and it’s a private collection that just became too big to be a normal house.

Mr Horniman was a victorian tea trader and philanthropist, who began  to collect objects, specimens and artefacts ‘illustrating natural history and the arts and handicrafts of various peoples of the world’ from around 1860. His overarching mission was to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’ and educate and enrich the lives of the local community.

The museum is his actual house, which was extended over the years. It also sits on a hill from where you have lovely views of London. They have an Aquarium and a massive permanent exhibition of his collection of animals and specimens.

Being a free museum the visitors come time and again to explore it. there are family and school activities throughout the year making it the perfect field trip for science and history.

It is also interactive, in the gardens you can play with air instruments placed for your enjoyment. I loved it and I am sure I’ll go again – seeing it’s really close to home!

2g horniman-alpaca-sh_2235106k

Have fun discovering the world!

Claudia x

On being creative;

A few weeks ago I bought myself one of the anti-stress adult colouring books. I had old pencils but then decided to add texture and got me some crayons and filter pens and all kinds of colourful things to add to it.

I like to think that I have always been a creative child. I remember being very young and writing little stories, painting little pictures for it and bounding them like a book with hard colour paper and  the bows we use to put on a wrapped present.

Anyway, I am digressing… The more I paint and decorate those drawings I have been feeling like doing more and more things. I had a little look on others people ideas for inspiration and I was thinking either little abstract paintings with letters or handmade boxes that can be used instead of wrapping paper.

What do you guys think? Any ideas or tips? Some advice?

I will definitely share whatever I decide on!

Claudia x


Once is actually a story that I really like.

I saw it first as a film a few years ago. It is a story of this irish song writer/ singer who is about to give it all up until he meets this foreign girl over a vacuum cleaner. Yes, you read it right.

It was a low budget movie produced in Dublin and it is as tacky as it sounds and it is adorable.

And about 2 years ago they made it into a musical – which was interesting because even though the movie is all about music and releasing an album and all that. They even had Ronan Keating playing. Bless him he really can’t act but he is a very good looking singer ahah!

The show is no longer in London (it was at the Phoenix Theatre) as it has gone home to Dublin and is now showing there. So if you are from Ireland, please go see. It’s is a heart warming story with loads of fun pun lines and irish music – they literally turn the stage into a bar before the act and during break!!!!