Chapter 2 ~ Jonah

– So, who is this Mr. Hawtrey again? – Catherine asked for what it felt it was the tenth time that afternoon.

– He was my professor in University, he got me the job with Mr Pemberton.

Jonah had just thought about Mr. Hawtrey the other day. He still had the latitudes the Professor had given him years and years ago.

Maybe that is what Mr. Hawtrey called him about.

– Will he stay for long?

– I don’t know, maybe a couple of days? I told him he would have to share the room with Cassy and he was ok.

– Why isn’t he staying at a hotel? I swear nobody else I know harbours their old teachers.

– I know how it sounds, but it’s not like I was going to deny him a bed, was it?

In all fairness Jonah Stills really wanted Professor Hawtrey to come.They had sat together decoding codes and encrypted messages. Jonah had told Mr. Hawtrey all about the decoding passion he had since starting his classes and that creating them would be his life goals.

Mr. Hawtrey had taken him to meet Mr. Pemberton who was just expanding his company at the time. They were working with big enterprises around the US providing security systems and helping the informatics development in them. Jonah loved what he did. He got to drive around playing number combinations in his head. It was a job that made him think but still allowed him to relax.

It was just his luck that on that sunny morning he received a call just after breakfast. How long has it been since he had heard from Mr. Hawtrey? He hadn’t even come to his wedding. Catherine should like him well enough, Jonah thought. Maybe they could do a puzzle or two and meet Cassy, she would definitely find him funny.

Cassy was just 4 but her favourite play game was puzzles. Or match the tiles, just like Mahjong. She recognized numbers already and Jonah wanted to make sure her abilities were looked after.

– I better stop daydreaming and look at the road! – Jonah thought.

The truth was that he was intrigued and wanted Mr. Hawtrey to hurry and be there already. Tomorrow he would know what brought the old man to his part of town.



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