Welcome Autumn!

Or Fall. Whichever you call it – It’s my favourite season of the year time!!!

I know I boost about Summer and Spring but let’s be honest; recently I have developed some hay fever which means that Spring is blocked nose time and Summer, yes, everything is light, but I am always sweating and my hair is plastered to my face half of the time (it’s not a very sexy look, I swear!).

But Autumn… ahhh the hot chocolates are good again, the whole streets are orange with the faint glow of the cold sun. It rains and I have an excuse not to put on pants. Heavy sweaters and scarves. Ah, good times.

I know, I know, it also gets muddy and rainy and grey, but I live in the UK, rain and clouds are pretty much part of the deal – let me have the gold leaves and my scarves and I’ll be happy in my cosy sweaters.

I understand this comes a bit late, but holidays were here and the free time I had, I wasn’t very inspired or blog worthy.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

Claudia x


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