Waking up next to him ~

I was never a person that liked sleeping with next to someone.

Did not matter if it was family or friends; it would always end up being a night where I woke up multiple times. I was either too hot, or someone was stealing my blanket. My brother talks in his sleep. My cousins take over the bed. Some friends keep turning. Some people snore like it’s nobody’s business. Some people have weird dreams and keep twitching.

And then there’s me. Let’s be honest: I too snore. Not shaking house bear kind of snore, but still a noticeable deeper breathing ah! I don’t like being too hot. I have my side of the bed. I like to put a blanket around me so I am as covered as a good burrito. I sleep belly down but kind of to my side. I like to keep a foot peeking out the covers in mild weather. I hate sweating in bed. I need to be arms distance to a glass or bottle of water.

Selfish, I know, but we all have out habits. Sometimes I would have the most quiet people sleeping next to me. People that didn’t move and should be my bed soulmates, but I still kept waking up. For no reason other than not being alone.

Until he started sleeping next to me. It was never weird. I always slept like a baby. It never felt weird. Suddenly his smell was the most homely smell I ever knew. His arms are just the perfect length to hold me. He sleeps on his own side – which is not mine!!!!

We both have our own sleeping positions which are completely opposite but most of the nights I wake up for a minute and we are holding hands. Sometimes his hand is on my thigh and I love it. Sometimes he wakes me up because he is drooling all over my arm or shoulder and notices and tries to clean it – sounds disgusting, but I am so mellow that I don’t really mind. Sometimes I am holding him on my big spoon position. He always warms my feet – they are always cold!- with his own. He always kisses me good night even when I am already in dreamland.

Suddenly sleeping next to someone is not weird or awkward anymore. When I do night shifts, knowing that I am going home to him, a sleepy cuddly him, I smile and hurry.

He feels like home. And I love it.

Claudia x


3 thoughts on “Waking up next to him ~

  1. This is such a beautiful post.. and I completely understand that its such a privilege to wake up next to your soulmate very new day..but not many people understnd this.. its so great to see your insight and how you value this joy.. awesome words..they express your undeniably true and unconditional feelings….

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