Harry Potter London Underground Map

For all of us Potterheads some good news have come out way.

J. K. Rowling announcing a spin off movie, a play…. and now guess what is out there?

An underground map featuring famous stops in the Harry Potter world. Obviously it’s not scaled correctly or even accurate, I mean… Azkaban will certainly not be in Essex.

But some things do follow the norm: Platform 9.3/4 and Diagon Alley is in Victoria, which could actually be possible.

There’s something curious about this fandom (that I am certainly in): it just keeps on giving… I mean, the last book was published in 2007. That’s EIGHT years ago…. We’d surely be over it by then… But no. We still had the movies to cling on to. Until 2011. Then there was the web platform in which you could go through the books and know the background of the characters – McGonagall’s story is still one of my favourites… You can still check it out in Pottermore.

It just keeps on giving and I keep eating it all up!

Anyway, I thought this was cute and decided to share. You can see more at the map here in Marshable

Have fun!

Claudia x


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