Reasons to be proud;

The other day as I was walking through London Bridge from the trains to the tube, I kind of glimpsed something that I was not too sure I was seeing right. Not because I couldn’t believe it, but it was sort of rush hour and I just got the last bit. It was the Azores as one of the Top 10 destinations of 2015 by Lonely Planet.

Then, next day or so, in Waterloo, I was on my way to the train and this time I saw it clearly: Porto, as the number 10 on the Lonely Planet top 10.

It was quite cool – I AM FROM PORTO!

But that’s is not all… Azores is an island also part from Portugal. It is beautiful! Especially if you love trekking, boat tours to see the whales. Brilliant food and to die for landscapes.

Unfortunately I was never fast enough to take pictures (and I can’t find any on the internet) of the advertising, so I will post pictures and the list below.

TOP 10 DESTINATIONS as per Lonely Planet:

10 – Porto

Ribeira means in Portuguese "minor river" or a river with little flow of water. It is also a word for the oldest part of Oporto, a place where the city was born and developed due to trade in the river mouth. The district was the scene of fights and sieges. When Napoleon invaded Portugal in the beginning of the XIX century, the stampede of the fleeing population over an old bridge, located where nowadays D. Luis bridge is, made it to collapse, causing many deaths by drowning. Two decades later, civil wars between absolutists and liberals caused a lot of destruction here. Oporto was defending the liberal cause, while Lisbon was absolutist. The center of Porto was under siege in 1832-1833 and many of Ribeira's sites were damaged by war. Nowadays, Ribeira is a tourist area with many bars, touristy restaurants and terraces, particularly in its main square, Praça da Ribeira (picture) It is by the river Douro, close to the lower deck of D. Luis bridge and to the center of Gaia. Thanks to Soulfisher for the text.

9 – Tomso, Norway

Tromsø, Norway

8 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

7 – Baku, Azerbaijan

Flame Towers and TV Tower

6 – Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont, Italy

5 – Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

4 -Malaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain

3 – Azores, Portugal


2 – Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

1 –  Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

To be honest, I think there are a lot of beautiful places, and believe me, if I could, you wouldn’t see me in one place for very long.

Happy travels!

Claudia x


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