Finishing a book

Whenever I finish a book (or even a book series) I always feel kind of lost.

First, I am never ready to leave the world I so comfortably settled in. When it finishes I always linger in that last sentence hoping that magically more words will appear and I suddenly do not have to say goodbye.

Then, when you finally close the book, you sort of just stare at it and other questions rise: ‘what happened to this person?’, ‘ who took care of those cats?’, ‘did anybody ever got back into that house?’. Less mentioned secondary characters turn themselves really important and you really want to know how their lives turned out. You start imagining a prequel to give you a more in depth knowledge of what has led these people to get themselves into this situation the author really had to write about.

Suddenly you are actually reading the side cover with the little synapse of the writer’s background in hopes that it will give you some insight of how this idea developed in this head.

Finally, when you put your book down, you’re not really certain of what to do with yourself. I make myself a tea and smoke a cigarette (healthy, uh?)by the window and try to gather my thoughts. Now there is a lot of free time, what to do? I want to go back on reading straight away but starting a whole new novel straight away is never good. Because it never gets a real hold of you… you just kind of read through, no matter how good the book is, and only start giving it real value after some time. Which is bad, you should always cherish a book, not half of it; that will make you miss details that later on you would wish you had picked on.

I love, love, love reading. Sometimes I find myself re-reading books that I read loads of times, even though I always have new books to start. Somehow, getting back to my classics, is good. Maybe it makes it less difficult to let go and allows me to enter a new world more at peace.

I am sure it’s not just me having an emotional trauma. For all of you out there like me: That lost feeling, it is all that makes the book so perfect. To know that a piece of literature captured you so well…. That is a magical thing.

Happy reading everyone!

Claudia x


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