Quick note ~ from the author ah!

Sometimes I think to myself – I really should make an effort to keep this place updated. Then I think – oh well, it’s just for myself anyway. I know it’s not a like a diary, or a famous place or anything. But I did start it with an intention of keeping it and maintaining it.

So bear with me. Through an amazingly load of posts or none. Because even if not consistent I am here. I do read what you guys post and do comment. Maybe not everyday, but I do like to browse.

Even if you don’t really care, well, I do. So I will be coming back and I will still try and keep it pretty and interesting; maybe on the off-chance someone thinks I am hilarious and throws me in the virtual spotlight. If anything, I’ll keep doing it because it makes me happy and keeps me occupied.

After a little hibernation I am back and I’ll try to make it last!

Enjoy and have fun,



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