On being creative;

A few weeks ago I bought myself one of the anti-stress adult colouring books. I had old pencils but then decided to add texture and got me some crayons and filter pens and all kinds of colourful things to add to it.

I like to think that I have always been a creative child. I remember being very young and writing little stories, painting little pictures for it and bounding them like a book with hard colour paper and  the bows we use to put on a wrapped present.

Anyway, I am digressing… The more I paint and decorate those drawings I have been feeling like doing more and more things. I had a little look on others people ideas for inspiration and I was thinking either little abstract paintings with letters or handmade boxes that can be used instead of wrapping paper.

What do you guys think? Any ideas or tips? Some advice?

I will definitely share whatever I decide on!

Claudia x


Advertising made right;

Valspar, which is a paint company has released some time ago a very cool advert.

It was to bring to our attention the impact full colour has in our lives. Especially the colorblind.

The video shows a group of colorblind people seeing colours for the first time and their reaction is incredible – as it should!

I looked the video up and you can watch it here:

This also brought me to learn about EnChroma glasses which are the glasses made especially for colourblind and enables them to see in full colour. This is pretty special… why should people see a dull brown when there is a bright and bold aubergine colour?

Welcome to the full colour world!

You can visit the site for this technology here! They also offer online vision tests.

Go try it!

Claudia x


Living in the present is both the most simple and the hardest thing to do.

Our mind works and works and overthinks so much sometimes that I am afraid it might implode leaving me empty and devoided of fears and dreams and hopes and all that makes me who I am.

I keep thinking I want to own something. Right now I am not sure if what I want is a dog, or a house, or a baby or even my own business. I just have this intense feeling of owning something. Something accountable for. Something I can put my love into something. to create. To care for it.

Living in the present is letting go of worries. Enjoying the moment you are in; not caring about the repercussions or what everyone thinks.

In all honesty, although all of us would like to think they do, these are actually rare moments. In a whole night out there are a few moments when the beat really takes over and then suddenly you realize it and have a little back out moment before resuming. Before jumping naked to a waterfall you will always think about it just after coming out of the water…. why is it so weird for us to stop thinking and enjoy?

Why is it so difficult to assume that we spend more than the healthy amount of time too tuned in the persona we want to portray?

Sometimes I am seen as a little crazy. I laugh way too loud. I use my hands and gestures to better explain myself. I scream when I get scared. I curse when I bump into things. I apologise a lot; really people can come into me and an automatic sorry will slip. The truth is…. I spend a lot of time not aware of me. It sounds crazy, I know, and maybe I am not good at explaining…. but sometimes I am walking and look at the sky or something and BAM! a song about clouds will be ringing in my head and that will be all I think about. Sometimes I step on leaves even before I think about of how much I like the noise of them when they are crushed…

I like leaving in the moment…. I love to let go and I am sorry I don’t do it much. But that’s the thing isn’t it? The more you think about what you’re doing the less spontaneous it is, right?

So, let’s go and enjoy!

Claudia x

Finishing a book

Whenever I finish a book (or even a book series) I always feel kind of lost.

First, I am never ready to leave the world I so comfortably settled in. When it finishes I always linger in that last sentence hoping that magically more words will appear and I suddenly do not have to say goodbye.

Then, when you finally close the book, you sort of just stare at it and other questions rise: ‘what happened to this person?’, ‘ who took care of those cats?’, ‘did anybody ever got back into that house?’. Less mentioned secondary characters turn themselves really important and you really want to know how their lives turned out. You start imagining a prequel to give you a more in depth knowledge of what has led these people to get themselves into this situation the author really had to write about.

Suddenly you are actually reading the side cover with the little synapse of the writer’s background in hopes that it will give you some insight of how this idea developed in this head.

Finally, when you put your book down, you’re not really certain of what to do with yourself. I make myself a tea and smoke a cigarette (healthy, uh?)by the window and try to gather my thoughts. Now there is a lot of free time, what to do? I want to go back on reading straight away but starting a whole new novel straight away is never good. Because it never gets a real hold of you… you just kind of read through, no matter how good the book is, and only start giving it real value after some time. Which is bad, you should always cherish a book, not half of it; that will make you miss details that later on you would wish you had picked on.

I love, love, love reading. Sometimes I find myself re-reading books that I read loads of times, even though I always have new books to start. Somehow, getting back to my classics, is good. Maybe it makes it less difficult to let go and allows me to enter a new world more at peace.

I am sure it’s not just me having an emotional trauma. For all of you out there like me: That lost feeling, it is all that makes the book so perfect. To know that a piece of literature captured you so well…. That is a magical thing.

Happy reading everyone!

Claudia x

Working in Hotels

As some of you know my love for travelling took me to a very -ironically- predictable line of work: hospitality.

It is all I have done all my life. I studied it. I work in a travel agency and managed a hostel while studying and after moving to London found a job in a restaurant and then front desk in hotels – which is where I am building my career.

Since I’ve started something in me started to change. For example:

– if someone looks lost I always go: ‘hello, are you ok, would you like some help getting anywhere?’

– I clean and stack my own plates at restaurants; no, I don’t care how fancy it is, it just happens. One moment I am complimenting the food to my partner, the next I have the salad plate on top of the bread plate which is neatly stacked on top of my main plate which is balanced on the tray or whatever the food comes in. Knife and fork nicely put on top; food mainly in one of the parts. I think people actually are very impressed with this considering how clumsy I am.

– following this, I always move to try and help the waiter picking up the plates just to make it easier on them.

– always tip!

– when doing a favour to someone, I no longer start with ‘you’re welcome!’. No… now I say ‘it’s no problem at all!’

– always open doors and let people through

– developed a poker face towards people that have absolutely no idea what it means working in costumer service; except the famous: the guest is always right! How will you compensate me for raining in London and inconvenience my holiday?’ Excuse me sir, next time give me a quick call and I will have a word with the Weather.

– multi-tasking. I can check two people inn while re-cutting keys, printing emails and looking at the bill of a third.

– saying ‘thank you’, ‘good morning’, ‘have a good day’ is so natural that I don’t even realize what I am doing until the weird neighbour gives me the stinky eye.

– you don’t really care what days you are off. Suddenly Mondays and Tuesdays are even better than weekends because everything is open and you can actually get stuff done! And if there is more than one day together… JACKPOT!

– due to canteen food I can basically eat anything. And I really mean it.

I am sure that all of you have things related to your work that will influence your daily life. However the biggest advice I can give to you hotel-goer is: although front desk cannot control big things, if you are rude to us and ruin our day, we can make your stay very miserable. Yes, you might get an upgrade because you were so mean we just want you to get out of our face, but we won’t want to help you and everything will become an inconvenience. Try and be nice, we will always go out of our way to please and help you. We will even give you free internet or complimentary upgrades!

Remember: if you had been yelled at as soon as you came into work you’d be grumpy too when someone blames you for things like traffic 🙂 happy guests – happy staff – better service!

Happy holidays!

Claudia x

Best thing since sliced bread?


And I swear, I’m not even joking. For those who don’t know me I bake. I bake when I’m bored. I bake when I need a break or distance from some situation. I bake because I am watching some show and they decide to melt chocolate for something. I simply cannot resist seeing chocolate melting. I bake because I like and the flatmates don’t mind. I guess I’ll never be skinny, ah!

Anyway, I found this recipe on Tumblr and decided to share as it is DELICIOUS!

So, for a flourless Chocolate mug cake you will need:


  • 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp heavy cream
  • 1/2 tbsp dutch processed cocoa powder
  • 1 large egg

1. In a large microwave safe mug (at least 12 oz), add chocolate chips and heavy cream. Heat for about 40 seconds in the microwave and then whisk until chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Add in remaining ingredients and whisk vigorously so that you do break down the egg. Whisk until batter is smooth and no egg streaks remain.

2. Microwave cake for about 1 minute. Cake will rise extremely high while in the microwave, probably passing the top of the mug, and will the sink back down once the cooking has stopped. Cake should be solid and completely cooked but slightly wet around the edges.  Let cake rest for about 20 minutes so that the flavors fully develop. You can remove cake and place into a smaller cup or bowl as cake will continue to shrink and condense as it cools. Top with powdered sugar and fresh fruit before serving.

Now, to be completely honest this recipe and more (along with the picture) can be found at this yummy Website

So head over there and start baking!

Happy cooking,

Claudia x

What about love?

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a lame post ahead. Well, meaningful, but useless for some. Just thought I should give you a heads up.


A few months ago I found a nice text that I thought I should share. It goes like this:


I see a lot of posts about how people think relationships mean having butterflies forever, your heart beating faster when they walk into a room, about cuddling together every night, legs intertwined, that you’d be so happy to live together you’d sleep on a double bed with each other every night.

And its not really like that, at least not to me.

You stop getting the butterflies when you live together. Your heart no longer speeds up when you see them, but instead, everything calms down. When youre in the room with them, you feel calm, and secure. When you cuddle them you feel your heart beat slow, and the sound of their breathing carry you towards comfort. It doesnt feel like a roller coaster anymore, it feels like home.

You don’t sleep curled up with each other every night, legs twisted between theirs so tight its hard to tell where yours begin and theirs end.

Instead, you sleep comfortably, side by side, sometimes facing different directions. But every night, you find yourself scooting backwards on the bed so you bump into them. You snuggle against their arm, or stroke their hair as they fall asleep. There are nights when my boyfriend, in his sleep, reaches around me and pulls me to him, like a child with his teddybear, like I am his comfort.

In the wee hours of the morning before the dawn breaks, when the world is blue and you see through cracked eyes, you curl into their chest and inhale their scent before drifting back to sleep.

Kisses aren’t always romantic and firey anymore. But there are so much more of them now. There are cold kisses when you’re eating ice cream in the summer, and sticky kisses over breakfast pancakes. There’s “im leaving now” kisses, and “one more kiss before you go” kisses. There’s sleepy morning kisses before work, when you don’t remember the alarm going off but instead the press of their lips against yours is what brings you into the day.

There’s kisses before sleep, and, you are so sweet with the things you do kisses. There’s kisses because you treat animals so tenderly, and I’m so glad i’m with you and not someone else kisses. There’s quick kisses in the aisles of the grocery store, when its loud and you gravitate together, when instead of having your own personal space and their own personal space, its both of yours together, and you step into their chest to take up less area together.

You don’t always text each other with confessions of love and care like you used to, because that’s a given now, and you’ve moved on to quirky inside jokes about the life youve built together. You share looks of exasperation and amusement in public, your own little world against the outside one.

Relationships aren’t always a fairy tale. They’re not always fireworks and sparks, at least, after the start.

But they are a quiet rhythm and hum of love and care. It’s not a fire in your soul, but one in your hearth, keeping you warm and comfortable, comforting you as you drowsily drift into sleep.

And I love that.’

The whole text and writer can be found here: A post about Romantic Relationships

The feeling of being home, so comfortable with someone with either your pyjamas or in your best clothes. How they like you whether your hair is a mess and your glasses are crooked in your face. When your eyes are still half closed from sleeping. I still get all warm inside everytime I see him walking towards me to meet me. Or when he gets home after work. I do, I do feel happy even though it’s a normal thing.And I really don’t want that to go away. I want to greet him with a happy and genuine smile every time.And I just want him to be happy when he sees me.

The whole love concept is new to me. Almost two years living together and I still love coming home to him. I want to keep it that way.

Claudia x