Has it really been this long?

Apparently yes. I was just checking and my last post was in November.  November!
So, let me apologise in advance because I can feel it is going to be one of those posts where I ramble and ramble and loose my point,  but hey, a writing space is a free space, right?
So, if today you are waiting to read about some awesome trip I have made, I’m sorry, but you will be disappointed.

As it has almost been a year – time really goes fast once you realise the world is happening – I will do a small review of what has happened so far.
It all started when my laptop caught on fire and, apart from my phone, I was cut from the online world. Yup, you try and write a post from  your phone….
Anyway,  during all this time I did not fly home for Christmas and work instead.  Again. Had my first serious New Year’s eve. Cocktails, a show and work the next day. Did not enjoy that.
Flew to Portugal. My (now) boyfriend came to visit Porto and fell I  love with it and a I fell even more in love with him. Saw my friends. Hugged my family.  Walked Wrinkle and reminded her she is my baby. Took her to the beach and let the fisherman feed her and pet her – maybe I should specify she is a dog and not a person, ah!
While I might have gained love, I did loose my gallbladder and three 1.5mm stones. But all okay now. All healthy and able to eat!

Moved out of  my house. Moved in to another house with him. Went with him to Ireland. Drove around all week. I had been to Ireland before. But hit the tourist spots – Dublin,  County Wicklow….
Not this time though. Republic of Ireland all the way. County Wexford, Waterford,  all south of Ireland. And it was beautiful.
I will make a separate post dedicated to it.

Was told ‘I love you’ for the first time and it actually meant something to me. Told him I loved him too.
Went to the London Transport Museum. Went to the Royal Airforce Museum. Cried about Gaza.  Bought a bycicle and I’m still waiting for it to arrive.
Went to Greenwich Park. Stood between two time zones. Got myself a tablet and ditched my Ipad.
Decided to start writing again. And now here I am. Trying out this mobile device. Trying to fit a whole year in mere sentences so not to bore you.

This year was a big year. A lot of changes. Lifestyle changes. Maybe professional changes ahead as well. It has been challenging. Fun. And even though I am kind of on a hype due to this new found love and all, I could not be more thankful for all that has happened. The good and the bad. I feel like the last three years have been the more challenging and the biggest personal and professional changes have all happened at once and I am doing my best to cope with all of it. So far, in the grand scheme of things, I am proud. I am happy. I feel like I have been – and maybe still am- in he’ll,  but it has been a journey with a lot of important milestones and pit stops for recovery and battery charging. And for that, I am thankful.

I hope all of you have had a great year since I was last here. I hope you have travelled and listened to good music. I hope you have told some one you love them. I hope someone loved you. I hope you had good food. I hope your health is fine and, if it’s not, hang in there. I hope you still sticking to your hobbies ( whatever they are) and most of all, I hope you have laughed.



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