World Press Photo 2013

Sem TítuloAt the Southbank Centre, on the shores of the Thames, is currently going on the World Press Photo 2013 exhibition.

Every year, after the contest, the winning photos go on Tour around the world to show us the world through photographs.

From daily life shots to life in Syria to animals, there is a bit for everyone.

My favourite piece was the Mariella one, where the photographer followed his wife, since discovering she had alzheimers and taking pictures of her daily life. I found it beautful. But then again, I am a sucker for black and white pictures. There are some astonishing photos from the life in Brazil as well. The most controversial are, of course the ones presenting the on going war in Syria. At least for me, who still just want to fly there and hit both parts senseless and tell them to stop.

I reccommend you to go there. First of all, Southbank is always good for a stroll. A little culture on top doesn’t hurt anyone as well.

For more information visit:



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