Can you believe we are mid-November already?

Seems like the other day I was still wearing cardigans to work and now I don’t even question myself about adding an umbrella to my bag.

Winter is upon us. Halloween came and went, candy is long eaten. Diets to accommodate the extra food at Christmas have begun. Rain is a given and heaters are all on. This was the quickest Autumn ever. I should tell, I live in a greener area of London and there I was commenting how the leaves were turning red and suddenly, they’re all on the floor like dead witnesses of the glorious Summer we had. The Stark family was right; Winter definetly came. And at this rate, snow should follow quite quickly this year (maybe a white Christmas finally?).

So what happened these months here in London? Well, the World Travel Market was here. My old portuguese bosses were here visiting the city and trying to put Porto on the touristic map. London Restaurant Festival animated the streets throughout the city, London Cocktail week was definetly fun. Was anyone there? I was working, but I had a group sponsored by Beefeater styaing at the Hotel for this. They were always merry.

The Bloomsbury Festival also happened. They had loads of free events in the city. I ran into them close to Knighstbridge. I didn’t know exactly what was going on until I came home and decided to research. Now I feel sorry I just stumbled upon them and didn’t enjoy much – guess that’s what happens when you are rushing a bunch of people don’t let you through because they’re dancing to tribal beats.

The London International Animation Festival was displayed at the Barbican. Another thing I missed….

This post is depressing me now. But I guess that’s the thing about this city. There is always something happening and you can’t possibly be involved with everything. That’s what is so great about London. You might miss some events,, but you always end up stumbling into something and enjoying. Even if it’s all about naked people riding bikes.

As for me… I try to keep pace with it. Good thing is, we can always afford to miss something. There is always something new just around the corner 🙂



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