Travelers Heart

The other day I found an article that states the signs which show that you are a traveler at heart.

Here they are, see if you can see yourself 🙂

You never have any money in your bank account, because as soon as you save, you’re off on your next trip. – So true. My bank account is always lingering on double digits because everytime I have some, I buy a plane or train ticket.

Airports are your favorite place to be, because it means you’re going somewhere. – Ehh, not really. But i did became very familiar with them. Catching a plane is not a hassle anymore. It has become easy and simple and gives me free time for books at the duty free.

You have at least one map hanging up in your house somewhere (if not many more). – I have a whole wall covered with maps of places I have been to!


You’ve had your travel outfit down pat for a long time. – Hum, I always tend to take the same hoodie and scarf everywhere I go. Never thought about that before.

You’re “Steve” in this picture, and these other guys are the people who exist to make your life a living hell at airport security. – AHAHAHAHAH!


Your backpack is well worn. – Mine used to be a beautiful cloudy blue…. now it’s just…. drawings and dirt and…. life!

Your phone is packed with every travel app you could possibly need. – At least I feel like I use it apps for good and not just to kill time with Candy Crush like everyone, I think that is a bit of superiority complex, but it’s my only one, I promise.

You’re no stranger to sleeping in a train station. – Train station, bus station, airport….

You’re a fan of small souvenirs you can keep with you. – I have trained my mom to never expect nothing more than magnets as her gift. Her fridge is kind of packed now. I’m so proud of it!

You d have a box filled with currency from around the world. – True, true.

You desperately want a vintage suitcase, despite knowing how impractical they are. – Can I buy one and use it as decoration?

Your bucket list never seems to get shorter, because there’s always something new to add. – It’s because everytime you go somewhere you hear about something new!!!

The journal you kept while traveling is sacred to you. – My most prized one is a red bound one. It even has some attempts of drawings.

You love being immersed in a sea of different languages. – there is something really fun about not understanding a word of what people are saying.

You know how to say “where is the bathroom” in pretty much every language. – maybe not with all the words….

And lastly, watching this video actually kills you because you’re not out doing the same thing.

True that.



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