Wow, it’s been some time. But I went on holidays, and you know how those times creep upon us and leave us without a sense of time or responsability.

Nevertheless, a lot of things happened while I was out and about.

First of all, and probably the most substancial: I got promoted. Yes. Two years and some in this rainy country, things are finally starting to look up. Suddenly I get the feeling that I’m not just here just because I made a choice to try and make my life better because that’s what you are supposed to do but because I am actually working for a career and a future. Which is weird, because the further I get here – careerwise – the farther I get from home. Funny how the most important things tend to split your heart. But, then again, mind over matter, right? Yeah.

Nevertheless, I feel mostly proud. Came here with nothing to my name except support from my friends and family. Three days to find a job to get me going and pay my rent. Two weeks and I signed my first housing contract, opened my first bank account (no parents signing and talking for me), enrolled in a GP (even though I’ve only been there twice). Three months in got a new job in the area I wanted. A year later moved to higher category and standard job where I was promoted twice in a year and a half. And today, I’m here, in this house I rent with friends, still no money or big pocessions to my name but with a sense of realisation. The biggest I have ever had since I moved here. And that makes me happy.

Two years ago I made a life changing decision, like so many others. I am so thankfull I never got settled in a job I didn’t want just because it was too troublesome to work for a better and more rewarding position. I’ve worked very hard. At a point I had two jobs and a part time just to be able to pay my rent and for transportation. But now, it was worth it and necessary. And I am happy I made through that struggle. People tend to assume it is easy with whichever job you first get here. It isn’t. It never pays enough – minimum wage is not enough. Your friends are having a pint in their usual bar while you are doing an extra shift just to cover your food expenses. It’s lonely. And that is even worst than not having money (with that, I’ve worked hard and have been very lucky for small favours and little miracles). So, so lonely at first. Obviously it got better. It still is. I am certainly no example for anyone, but if you’re thinking about taking the leap… well, if I have done it – and by all means, I unfortunately do not have the genes to have it easier – everyone can do it. Just hang in there. It gets better. It ís worth all the struggle after some time if you really try and put your mind to it.

Suddenly this got to be a lecture when I was just intending to say: Yay! I got promoted! Yay, I went on holiday! Yay, I’ve been to Amsterdam!

Well, there you go. Rant for the day.

Hope you are all well and winning your battles.



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