unnamedToday I have stumbled across something that I think is really cool. CrowdRoaming.

You know, with all the low cost companies you can fly to a lot of places in a more affordable fashion. The same with Hostels, CouchSurfing and accommodation. But there is one thing we always look for – more everyday due to our addiction to it. That is Wi-Fi. Oh the beauty of free Wi-Fi connection in the hotel. Even if it’s just in the lobby, it is guaranteed you will spend a few minutes there just to upload that awesome picture you just took, or emailing family to let them know you are okay.

Soon, it will be possible to walk around pretty much anywhere and be able to access the internet. The concept is very simple. Most of our contracts include internet. Wether unlimited or a big amount of data allowed, we can all access it in our phones nowadays. Well, the point now is to allow others to use the data that you don’t use and you can spare. This way, your smartphone will basically work as a bundle and anyone – within 50m – will be able to use your phone’s internet. The app runs in the background in order not to spend a lot of our already fragile battery. I think this would be speacially good to have on when you are in train or bus rides, restaurants and bars – as it works depending on the distance you are from the person who is sharing the data, public places will often offer weird and zoned-out connection.

At this point, the app is still in it’s begining, for example, it currently only works in the EU and on my own HTC it says my Android version does not allow me to share my data – although I have unlimited internet and my phone is quite a recent one. So I guess they still have some work to do on it.


The CrowdRoaming app is free to download in Google.Play – as it is only available for Android yet.

For more information visit:

Either way, I think this is great. I know, we already spend too much time online and traveling is not about being glued to your device. But traveling is also sharing. And come on, I love sharing incredible pictures!





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