Life is a Cabaret!


Some time ago, I had my first experience with Cabaret. That’s right, Cabaret. I happened to put on my heels and sparkly top, grab my friend and made our way to the City to Proud Cabaret.

The whole place is what you would expect, except for the long cigarette holders  – sometimes I feel for the cigarette ban. The decoration was something out of a movie: dim red lights, hazy smokey ambiance, lots of candles and dark velvet. The waiters all dressed in a 20’s kind of vibe. They even had a proper real life piano player in the stage corner!!!

We started with a welcome champagne glass. The piano player accompanied us through the whole meal setting the mood for what it was to come. And it was brilliant! The host started with a song, real cabaret style easing us to the rest of the show. The show was incredible and the performances were so good! At some point I just wanted to go buy one of those nipple cover thingies and learn how to dance like that!

For those who haven’t seen any type of show, please make yourselves go. It’s a fun and different night and you’ll be leaving in high spirits (then again, the cocktails also help).

There are plenty all around London. This is the company I went:

In London they have two: in Camden and in the City. They sometimes advertise in websites like GroupOn where you buy the dinner and show at very affordable prices, so check it out and go have fun!



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