Richmond Park


As yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, me and my friends packed our bags with food and drinks and made our way to Richmond Park for a picnic.

The park is the biggest of the 8 Royal Parks in London and, unlike the other ones it is a Natural Reserve as well.

If you are expecting low cut green grass anc cute bridges over man-made little lakes, you’re mistaken. The grass is tall and the oaks are old and gigantic. It is like you step into another world, full of beauty, butterflies, deers, centuries old trees little valleys and coves and it’s just brilliant.

I have worked in Richmond before, but even the little escapades there didn’t prepare me to the vast green and gold scenery. And with deers running free and eating grapes out of my hands? I was just as happy as I would be in Disneyland!

It’s royal connection dates from the 15th century and little as changed since then – although, no hunting is permitted then, obviously – some ponds for the deer have been added along with some trees for shade.

It is trully a beautiful park.

Go there, have a picnic and get lost!



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