Coming up in London: Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2013

as-the-world-tipped-by-wired-aerial-photo-bysophie-laslett_005crop-700x4662England is definetly better in the Summer.

From music festivals, to flower shows to street entertainment, it has a lot to offer.

This year, very close to me – as I live in London – is the  Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. First of all it is free. Second, it is a festival dedicated to the performing arts (from theatre to music to street art and performances). It lasts 9 days and this year there will over 150 performances. It will be in Greenwich in various sites.

This year it will try to recapture the Olympics spirits and many performances are directed by Bradley Hemmings who was a co-artistic director of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

The Festival started in 2003 and it has been growing significantly.

You can check the Programme Listing and more informations here:

I, for one am very excited and will definetly ask for some days off to go out in the sun and enjoy.

So: from the 21st June to the 29th, if you are wondering what to do, or you decide to come to one more visit to London but don’t want to do all the famous sites one more time…. you should take a break, go visit Greenwich and it’s parks and stop by and admire.



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