The National – Mistaken for Strangers


One thing you have to know about me is: I like indie rock. How hipster of me. But no, really, Rock has always been my baby but there’s something about banjos and drums that drives me crazy. But don’t worry, apart from the odd weird band, I do have good taste in music.

That being sad, it is only natural that I would mention the The National documentary that has come out. The name is Mistaken for Strangers  which is also the name of one of the singles of Boxer – my personal favourite album so far but alas, I still have the new one to listen to,

It is basically a movie based on the tour that The National made in 2010 adter the released of the High Violet. On this big tour, Matt’s brother (Tom) goes with them and documents it.

Now, I haven’t seen it yet but it’s on my list.

For all of you not aware, The National is a rock band from Ohio. They have 6 albums (Trouble Will Find Me has just been released) plus EP’s.

Here is the link for the movie website:

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I am sure I will.



2 thoughts on “The National – Mistaken for Strangers

    • I can only imagine. I’ve never seen them live – although I’ll be going to their concert in November – but I fell in love with Boxer when it came out. You were lucky, the ambiance must have been amazing!

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